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My Top 3 Foundations!

Foundation is usually something I'm picky about due to the fact my skin isn't always great! So today I thought I would share my 3 favourite foundations! 
1) The Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
Now this foundation is what I live for. I use it everyday. Honestly I think it is the best foundation I have ever used! The description that Urban Decay gives, States that: "All Nighter Liquid Foundation provides full coverage with a modern matte finish!" And I completely agree, I use about half a pump for my entire face and it still gives a full coverage with a beautiful finish!! This foundation comes in 30 shades, which is a amazing and because I'm so pale I use the shade 0.5 and it matches me perfectly  and it looks nice and natural all day. 

On the Urban Decay website it retails for £29 ($40) which is a bargain for how much product you get before it runs out. I usually get about 6 months out of it and I wear is daily! So its worth it!

Buy them here: Feel Unique, Urban De…

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