Get To Know Me Tag (Blog Edition Part 1 Q1-15)

1) What is the meaning behind your URL?

Well my nan has called me Chloella since I was 4 and I thought that I would share parts of my life because with being a Performing arts student, I get to do some pretty amazing things and what better than to share them on the internet.

2) Biggest Weakness? 

I don't really know what my biggest weakness is but I maybe is I let people in too quickly before I know that if I can trust them. Not sure if that is one but it's the best I could think of.

3) Biggest Strength?

I don't get nervous about certain things. For exapmle I get nervous before performing but who wouldn't, but when it comes to interviews or speaking in front of lots of people, I usually don't think about it and just go with the flow of the moment. 

4) Piercings you have?

I did have my lip pierced but it ripped out so I currently no piercings at all.

5) Favourite bands?

I have kinda a variety in my music taste as I like, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Green Day, Nickleback, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Simple Plan. So I guess I'm in to the Pop/Punk/Rock Music type. 

6) Last Dream You Had?

The last dream I had, i dreamt that I was in The Walking Dead (Clearly play the game too much) but it was weird because it was me and Youtubers Like, Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Tyler Oakly, Tanya Burr, Jim chapman, Marcus Butler, Oli While, and the list goes on but they were helping me fight the zombies. I really do watch too much YouTube and play too much of The Walking Dead

7) Phobia? 

Any Insects that fly, If something fly's near my I'm running as fast as i can away from the insect.

8) Favourite Movie

Anything Disney, to do with zombies or any horror movies.

9) Colour of your hair?


10) Favourite Model? 

Bryana Holly 

11) Favourite Flower

White Roses 

12) Cats or Dogs


13) Favourite Holiday? 

Holland Music Tous holiday September 2014

14) The Last Thing You Ate?

McDonalds Big Mc, with a caramel Frappachino 

15) Your Lucky Number?


Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better 
-Chloella xo

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