Get To Know Me Tag (Blog Edition Part 2 Q16-30)

16) Where will you be in 5 years?

Well hopefully I would be in my first year of uni as I am in college for 4 years so I would hope to be uni, but I am unsure as anything can change.

17) Thoughts on Education?

My thoughts on education is that it is really important to be in education and I also believe that everyone has a right to be educated.

18) Photograph of yourself

19) Your Favourite Moive?

I have recently seen Paper Towns, which was originally a book by John Green. But I went to see the movie and its was amazing. It sends a good messages of saying sometimes you have to life the adventure when it comes instead of just planning your future and just live a little.

20) What makes you happy?

When I can make other people smile, or when I can help other people.

21) What makes you sad?

When I see someone I care about hurt

22) Your favourite blogs?

Zoella, Tanya Burr or any beauty and fashion related blogs

23) Your worst habbits?

I can be quite argumentative it someones says something I'm not happy with.

24) If I won the lottery?

I'd want to make sure all my family was ok and get them any medical help that they need.

25) Your biggest regret?

I don't really have a lot of to look at to regret but when I get older I'll probably start regretting things soon. 

26) Your hidden talent?

As far as I am aware I don't have any hidden talents at the moment 

27) What's in you closet?

A lot of jeans and jumpers

28) Most embarrassing moment?

When I was on holiday in bought a pair of hi-tops but the next day when I put them on the where both the left shoe.

29) A Confession?

I have been playing the guitar since i was about 11

30) Your hope for you Blog?

Well I hope that it can make people feel happy and hopefully it can be a blog that people would enjoy reading. 

Well thats all 30 questions answered I hope you enjoyed these two posts and I hope you got to know me a lot more.
-Chloella xo

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