July Favourite!!

As I do love my beauty, I though i would share my favourites for July and why I love them!!

To start my produces I use on my face are important as you don't want anything that will irritate your skin. To start off I use Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash two or three times a week to removed any dead or dry skin off my face. I really like Simple's Exfoliating Wash because there are no artificial perfume or colour that would harm or upset my skin. I have been using this for about 3 months and my skin had never felt better. The second product I use on my skin is another Simple product and it is the Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser. I use this every morning and night when i wash my face as it has multi-vitamins that help keep my skin looking clear. Another facial product I like to use is the Simple Kind To Skin Facial Toner as it keeps my skin clarified and refreshed, the reason I love Simples products so much is because they don't put harsh chemicals in any of there products so its health for any skin. My favourite moisturiser at the moment is the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishin Lotion as it keeps my skin hydrated for up to 7 days so if there is ever a day I'm in a rush and i don't have time to apply my moisturiser my skin is still smooth and soft. 

Moving on to make up as it is the summer i have been wearing a lot more eye shadow and lipstick, for my eyes I have fallen in love with the W7 In The Buff:  Lightly Toasted Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette,  and as it is the summer I use the first two colours in the palette which are "Teddy Bear" which i use as the light base and in my crease i use "Wonderland" as they are both really light colour. But for my Lips I have been loving a different verity of lipsticks, the first 3 lipsticks are Rimmel London the first lipstick is just the Rimmel London 086 in the colour Sugar Plum. The second lipstick is from the Kate lipstick collection which is 01 and is a dark red, the third Rimmel lipstick is also from the Kate Collection which is 05 and i would say its a medium pink colour. Another two Lipsticks I have been loving are from Ted baker. the first Lipstick is your classic red but it doesn't have a name, i really like the ted baker lip collection because they stay on all day and i don't leave lip marks around bottles. The second Lipstick is more like a lip crayon and its a dark purple, it also doesn't have name but i would day it's a Purple Berry Colour.

Finally my favourite hair products, the first hair thing i have been loving is the Schwarzkoft Got 2B Beach Matt Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray, I think a salt spray is perfect for the summer because you can create the perfect lose beach waves in your hair and they last all day, The second product I have been loving is also from Schwarzkoft and it is the Got 2B Glued Blasting Freeze Hair Spray, this hair stray is the best hair spray I have ever use, I usually have a problems holding curls or waves in my hair but not since i have been using Glued at it actually glues the curls in place without making my hair feel heavy.

That is all my favourite Beauty products for July and i really hope you enjoyed this blog

-Chloella xo

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