Music Tour 2014

So I went to Holland in September 2014 to Perform 
26th September- 30th September
So Day 1, 26th September 2014. is the day we spent 17 hours travelling to holland. so we spent 16 hours on a couch and 1 hour on the ferry. For me i was up around 4:30 am, as i was heading to my friends house Amelia, to make sure she was ready. 
we left the school around about 5:45 witch was earlier than what was planned but that was just because we all turned up early.  So as we were getting the ferry from Dover over to France to drive through to Holland we were on the couch between 8-9 hours driving down the UK from Durham. Around 9am we were two thirds of the way down the country so we decided to pull into a service station for some breakfast and to go the loo. We all had the same idea in mind and got a breakfast McMuffin from McDonalds. I got the double sausage with egg in my McMuffin with a caramel frappuccino to wake me up a bit. Once everyone had got there breakfast and been in the shop for anything we may of needed we all got back on the couch and continued on our route to Dover. 
We arrived at Dover Ferry Port at midday, we had a bit of a wait before we could get on the ferry so I took this time to switch my phone to the right setting. But before we got on to the ferry me and Amelia realised that we forgot to get addaptors to charge our phones as Holland have different plugs to us, so we had to buy some one the ferry. Once i had bought my adaptor I went for a wonder around the ferry, I fell in love when i went into the cafe to see it was a Starbucks so i could get my favourite drink which is the Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino. We were only on the ferry for an hour but it was nice to stretch my legs after being sat on the couch for so long.
There was still a long journey ahead even though we had come off the ferry as we had to Drove through France and Germany before getting to Holland, Amsterdam but things got really complicated when we were in Amsterdam as there was diversion but none of us spoke dutch so we ended up going in circles while driving past the same hotel 7 times.  We got there in the end, we arrived at the hostel at 10pm so from France it took 9 hours to get to the small town of Valkenburg. Once we arrived we all had our tea unpacked a little and went straight to bed. 
Day 2- 27th September 
Performance Day!
Today in Valkenburg (which is the little town were staying in) we went to the castle and caves. The caves that we went into was used in the war as protection for the locals in the town Valkenburg, Holland, which explained why the caves even about 65 metres underground. The caves were also so use for soldiers to get treated if they were injured in battle. Once we had come out of the castle and cave. we had some free time to go shopping, so i went shopping with Emma, Amelia, Caitlin and Megan. We went in to a Clothes shop and Emma bought a blue jumpsuit while i decided to get some black leather hi tops with fake diamonds on the side. (All was fine with my hi tops until the next day i went to put  them on and well they there both for the left foot so i had odd shoes, which i got mocked for, actually i still get mocked for). Anyway when everyone had finished had finished shopping, we got on the couch and headed to our first concert which was in the local shopping centre so we did even more shopping. I performed with Caitlin, Emma and Caitlin, we performed "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. Other performers were Travis and he performed an incredible cover of "Latch" by Sam Smith, this was definitely my favourite performance. Not all performance were singing, some people from school did dances. Once we had performed in the shopping centre we clearly did some more shopping. I bough a perfume, mascara, eyeliner and power, along with a few facial masks.
 But then we head to our second and final performing destination which was amazing as it was by a maze, but this maze was incredible as it was in Holland, Germany and Belgium as 3 different entrances were in 3 different countries. We all did the same performances as in the shopping centre but once we had performed we could go in the maze. This maze had fountains in that we had to go through which for me was a good thing as i wore all black and it was like 30 degrees so running through a cold fountain was brilliant. But because it was so hot everyone ran though all the fountains instead of finding a way out. Our bus driving Michael was really funny as he said we could get on the bus if we were wet but we all got wet anyway but he was really funny and got on with everyone really well. Once we had got back we all got dried (or had showers) but then we had tea and then we all got ready for out foam party which was amazing cause we had headphones on so the music was only playing through the headphones and not out loud. I felt sorry for anyone that could hear us shouting out lyrics, they must of thought we were mental. That was a great was to end the night even though we had to be up early the next day!
Day 3 - 28th September 

Today we got to go to the best theme park in Europe! Phantasialand Germany, even though I'm not the biggest fan of rides i was still pretty excited as i youtubed what rides would be there, some looked amazing and some looked terrifying so i avoided them. In Phantasialand i stayed with Caitlin, Travis, Bethany, Abbie, Maddie, Olivia, Rebecca Ellie and Bethany! The first ride we went on was "California Adventures" which was also known as the Michael Jackson Thrill ride. And as i said I don't like rides so that was actually the only ride went on but I did go on it multiple times to make up for it. But i did watch my friends on other rides. Some of the rides my friends went on looked so scary, it sometimes felt like i was having a panic attack for them. But over all it was a fun day out .
When we arrived back at the hostel, we all had our tea and got ready for a second foam party! I really enjoyed the foam party, we all got given these cool light up neon bracelets which were amazing. And we just spent the rest of the night partying as we were leaving the next day.

Day 4- 29th September

Going home :(

So today we all woke up around 6:30am as we had to finishes packing the rest of our stuff, i was finding it hard to fit everything in my suitcase as i had packed way to much for what i actually needed. Once everyone was ready and packed we had breakfast, and then we has some spare time, so i went out to see if the shop that i bought my shoes (the too left feet) from and i found out that the shop didn't open till 11am and we were leaving at 10:30am, which meant i had to take the shoes home with me. On our way to the ferry port in face we stopped at a little rest place which had a Belgium chocolate factory , and then i went to get some dinner with Emma. Once we got to the ferry port we got stopped by the immigration team as they wanted to make sure we didn't have an extra people on our bus, so we all had to get off, take our luggage to get scanned to show we didn't have anything dangerous and then we had to go to the boarding office and show our passports, which for me it took a while as on my photo i had blonde hair but had died it black.(opps) But once we were all clear we got back on the bus and headed on to the ferry. 

We all waved at this bus in front as we seen people are age getting on the ferry and we decided to try and find them (which we did) then we just sat and talked to them for the whole ferry ride, but i did this once i got my Starbucks. when we got off the ferry it was around 3pm so by the time it got to 6pm we stopped at a service station which it happened to be the one we stopped at on the way to Holland, And yet again we all got the same food from McDonalds, we all got a BigMc meal. Then some went to the little shop but then we just went home, we arrived back at school around 11pm so we were told we didn't have to go into the school the next day.

Overall i really enjoyed my time in Holland as it was such an amazing country and i made a lot of good memorises on this trip 

-Chloella xo

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