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August Favourites!!

It's that time again at the end of the month when I discuss my favourites. I just want to sat where has August gone? It's flown over.

The first two things I have been loving this month are Accessories! 

The first thing is my new phone case, my mum bought if for me because I kept dropping my phone on the floor, I really like this phone case as it has a bow on it and I do love a good bow but overall its not to tight around my phone doesn't over heat and it has wallet pockets on the inside so I don't always have to take my purse everywhere.  The second thing I have been loving is my new purse from LYDC London, I've needing a new purse for a while now but I have a lot of cards for shops so its hard to find but this purse was perfect as it has a lot of room for everything I have in my purse. 
Beauty wise I have being loving a few things:

I'm not usually a big fan of bronzers but the Bourjois is the best bronzer I has ever used as it's doesn't seem to cause probl…