August Favourites!!

It's that time again at the end of the month when I discuss my favourites. I just want to sat where has August gone? It's flown over.

The first two things I have been loving this month are Accessories! 

The first thing is my new phone case, my mum bought if for me because I kept dropping my phone on the floor, I really like this phone case as it has a bow on it and I do love a good bow but overall its not to tight around my phone doesn't over heat and it has wallet pockets on the inside so I don't always have to take my purse everywhere. 
The second thing I have been loving is my new purse from LYDC London, I've needing a new purse for a while now but I have a lot of cards for shops so its hard to find but this purse was perfect as it has a lot of room for everything I have in my purse. 

Beauty wise I have being loving a few things:

I'm not usually a big fan of bronzers but the Bourjois is the best bronzer I has ever used as it's doesn't seem to cause problems on my dry skin. Also what I about this bronzer is that its not cakey on your face and it looks so natural and the bonus is it smells like heaven so it takes me forever to get ready as I love smelling it. I have also been loving the blusher from Laval and it's a medium pink, called Damson. I feel that in Autumn this would be a great colour for your cheeks as it looks like have been out in cold and its not over done. For my lips it has to be my Ted Baker lip crayon in Black Cherry Purple, I was loving this last month and i'm still loving it now. It's long lasting and it doesn't smudge when your having a drink or something to eat, which is something a look for because if I go out for a meal I don't want my lip colour smudging up my face.  

The next few things I have been loving are for my hair:

To start I have my Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner from Aussie, these are for dry and unhappy hair which is perfect for my hair as I strip and dye it a lot. Ive also been loving my tangle teaser, I got this because brushing my hair with proper brush when my hair was wet was starting to pull my hair out and this came in such good handy even when my hair isn't wet as its a good size to put into my bag for on the go, I probably use them more than my actual hair brush as its just so handy. Another hair care product I have been loving and could not live without is my heat defence spray which is the Schwarzkopf got 2b Guardian Angel the reason I love this spray so much is because it can protect hair up to 220 degrees which is perfect for when I have washed my hair then blow dried and straightened it. Also this is such an amazing spray as I have many heat defences but this I the only one that have prevented me from getting dry and split ends. 

The final thing I have been loving is my Ted Baker Perfume: 

I am obsessed with this perfume, I got it for Christmas but I always get more than one perfume so I don't get to use the same ones a lot but I found this when I was tiding up and I started to wear it and I had forgotten how beautiful it smells. The isn't a way for me to describe how it smells but it's just one of those perfumes that smell nice on everyone. Also it lasts for a long time I put this on before the gym the other day and I could still smell it once I had finished so at least I know i'll always smell good, so this is perfect if your in school and you have Pe or if you just want a long lasting perfume. 

Thats all my favourites for this month, let me know in the comments what you've been loving and tell me what you wan to see my write about in future blog posts. 
-Chloella xo

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