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Zombie Prom December 2015

As I am a performing student, we have a christmas show and this christmas we did Zombie Prom The Musical.

Zombie prom is a musical set in the 1950"s and the students are waiting for a nuclear attack to happen while being in high school. Every thing was like your normal high school in till Toffee falls in love with Jonny and when Toffee's parents go against the relationship, Jonny decides to take his own life by jumping in to the nuclear power plant. 

Act IZombie Prom opens at Enrico Fermi High School. The students go through their daily routine ("Enrico Fermi High") and the audience meets Jonny, a rebel who spells his name without the traditional 'H.' We also meet the good-girl heroine, Toffee, and Miss Strict, the principal of Enrico Fermi High School. The song is ended abruptly by an air raid siren, signalling a duck-and-cover drill (the school is located near an unstable nuclear power plant), and Jonny and Toffee fall in love ("Ain't No Goin' B…