Sorry for not posting a lot

Hey everyone

I am sorry I haven't been posting a lot, I've been busy with college, I'm there everyday 9-7 working hard on my January assessment block then I have tours and then another show!

Life as a performing arts student is hectic also got a performance to do, for my contemporary dance for this assessment I am working with my best friend Becca and the song we are doing is: The Fray- How To Save A Life. It's an meaningful dance as Becca is the depressed girl and I am here mind who is controlling and trying to destroy her mind.

For drama we are doing cider with Rosie and I play on of the teachers who is really kind and caring towards the students but is struck when needed to be.

And then for singing I am singing a sole cover of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeren

This is just a quick update I'm hoping to soon find more time for the blog
Thank you for staying around

-Chloe xxx

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