Deepend and Going On Tour!

Well my assessments are over, my dance and acting went really well I feel like i may be able to get a merit for both of them
For my singing i sang a cover of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeren, it was going well at first but then my nerves hit me and i frozen a little, i was extremely disappointing with myself as i only have two lines left to sing. but on the up side i'm at college for 3 years so I have four more singing assessments to do so i can only improve on that.

Now that assessments of over we are doing something called deepend. Deepend is were they people in their last year pick a play or musical that they would like to put on. I am in Dylan's, Cass's, Nicole's and Tom's deepend and we are doing the play "The Graduate"  in this play i am the owner of the hotel where Benjamin and Mrs Robinson have affair. 

When we go back after half term, we start our tours. Ours tours are where we are put in either a play and musical theater group and then we put a education show together and then go around schools to perform it so its basically Theater in Education. I don'y mind which group i am put into as i enjoy dance and singing but i also enjoy acting. But as i did the musical as our Christmas show, i would like to do the play for tours. 

After tours before Easter is when we go back into our deepend groups ready for when we perform it in front of anyone who buys a ticket from my college. 

Here is what we get up-to in college as a performing arts student:

-Chloe xoxo

(Watch Our Dance: ) 

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