Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation Review!!

In January I decided to get myself a new foundation and i thought my old one wasn't giving me the full coverage i needed. As i am a big fan of Rimmels foundations i decided to look at what foundations everyone else had been loving and the one that caught my eye and had some amazing reviews was the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr foundation. I have seen many people with different skin tones use it so i though i would give it a try.

So i went into boots in southport as i was on my way home from college to pick up this foundation, and because i have extremely light skin, i picked it up in the colour 010 light porcelain. As I do dance at college i really did need a full cover foundation and after using for 3weeks I knew that this is the perfect foundation for me, as much as i love the wake me up foundation and 2 hours of dance it would go very patchy and then look very uneven when i applied more to my face leaving a heavy feel on my face 

Also the reason i love this foundation is because it doesn't come off after a few hours, as i put it on in the morning at around 6:30am and then have a day of dancing or acting with stage lights on which makes you sweat a lot, then i don't come home till around 8:30pm and when i come to take my make up off around 10pm its still perfect, or sometimes its faded on my jawline but thats it and it doesn't course my skin to go oily in my T zone as that is sometimes were my skin goes oily also it doesn't irritate or let my dry skin break through so i have perfect skin all day.

Thanks for reading this blog post guys, i hope you enjoyed it. I am hoping to do more posts like this as i am starting to try other beauty products out, I am also hoping to get some baking ones up soon as I enjoy baking a lot. (Just so you can see what my full make up looks like there will be an image below like always)
-Chloe xox

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