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Summer Show & Auditions

So my first year of college is coming to an end! This makes me sad but I have done my re-audition to go back for 2 years to do my level 3 extended diploma. 

My audition took place on Wednesday 20th April, and for my audition I performed a Monologue from "And Turning, Stay" This monologue is by Amy, a high school student who got lead on by her closest friend Mark.  Check it out: I thought that this was a powerful monologue to do, as I had similar feeling so I could add my own emotions to it. 

For my Song, I sang "Smoke and Fire" By Sabrina Carpenter,  this song has a lot of feeling as its about a brake up. Also the first line of the song is so true "Rumours spread like wildfire" to me that is so true as rumours have always spread faster than the truth! If you would like to listen to this song Click here:

Now that the audition process is out of the way as what I …