L'oréal True Match Foundation First Impresstion

The other day, I went to boots as my concealer had ran out but the sad thing about living in Ormskirk is that the boots is really small so they don't have Collection Products:( But i was also looking at foundations and looking at the title, your probably losing you mind as everyone knows I only wear Rimmel London's foundation, i know but I really want to start trying out new products and this foundation i got in the colour C1 Rose Ivory. Rose Ivory is the lightest shade it goes, lucky for me i had a foundation test and i have red undertones so this foundation is perfect. It's claims to be a super blendable foundation that perfectly matches skin colour and texture.

My first impression of the packaging was that I like that it's a glass bottle as personally i think i makes the product look more professional that the squeeze tubs that you can get. I really like the pump on the foundation as with the Rimmel ones it's a round small pump whereas on the true match foundation the pump is much bigger as its the same size as the lid pretty much. 

This foundation has a liquid consistency but to me it makes it easier to apply and spread so i use less, I use my USpice Flat Top Buffing brush to buff the foundation in to my skin. 

I think that for the first time of me using it, it spread across my face really easy and it blended so well, it wasn't left streaky which with the rimmel ones i find that can happen sometimes. I think i gave the foundation a good test as it was pretty hot outside (For once) and i had work so i wanted to see if it would go patchy or cakey through the day. I applied my make up around 9am, i powered my face with the Rimmel stay matte setting power and set the look with my avon's make up setting spray. So i was out pretty much all day and when i got in i was impressed as it was the first time in a long time my make up was still in full coverage it hadn't gone cakey or patchy so i was extremely pleased, especially as this foundation to some people it a bit more on the pricey side as it averages around £9.99 where usually i spend about £7 or £8 pounds on fountain so i haven't really change the budge much but it was worth it. 

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