High School Survival Guide Part 1

The Secret of Life

In high school you meet so many new people, who come in and go out of our lives for different time periods and reasons. But the one thing I learnt in school without lessons is that “People Change People! It took me a long time to learn this lesson, so I’ve made many mistakes and some of these mistakes I’m going to share with you today……

The concept of “People Change People” is pretty self-explanatory, say you had a friend who likes getting themselves into a lot of trouble and eventually you may feel pressured to be like that, and that’s how I got made to feel but once you’ve  given into the pressure there’s no easy way of going back. That’s where I went wrong!

Story Time:

When I was 8 I moved from my hometown Liverpool to a small town near Newcastle, and that came with a new school while trying to make new friends. I really wanted to fit in at my new school so I made friends with a small group of mates and at the time I didn’t know how much trouble I was throwing myself into. At first it was great, going out after school… about 3 months into it all started to change to start off it wasn’t as bad as it got. It was just the usual staying out later and later, which didn’t make my mum happy because she didn’t know where I was as we didn’t really use phones then so she had no idea. Then about a year later things took a dramatic turn for the worst, every Friday we went to a youth club by where we lived and it was great, we did fun activates and overall had a really fun time. But them one week while we were there one of our friends came who had been banned and let me just say he is the definition of trouble. It was close to closing time when he arrived so we were all tidying up and because he wasn’t aloud there, he started kicking off and then the people who I was with joined in, then they left so went with them. (At the time I didn’t know how much of a mistake that was.) After we had all gone outside my friends thought it would be a great idea to cause trouble so they we started running about the building, my friends started banging on the windows and the doors trying to break them. Then one of them thought it would be fun to start climbing on the building while shout abusive things and at the point I knew I had to leave. I waited for a while, we were all at the front of the building and then an elderly lady came out her house from across the road and said she was going to call the police if we didn’t leave,  but lucky my mum texted me and that was my chance to get out of there so while they started causing more trouble I managed to sneak away. When I got home I was in a lot of trouble for being out late but it taught me that not everyone you meet comes in to your life for good reasons and I have only recently learnt that the people around can change who you become.

The point of the story and post is to show you that other people’s behaviour and ways can change who you turn into, also just because people walk into your life and say they have good intentions doesn’t always mean they do. Just be careful about who’s hands you put your life and trust in as you never know when the tables may turn.

That’s all from me today, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as it’s a bit more personal! But until next time! Byeeeeeee

Chloe xo

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