My Handbag Essentials!!

Today I thought I would share what I have in my handbag and explain why these 10 products are my handbag essentials... All products and where to buy will be listed at the end!

First I will start with my bag it's self, I bought this in Tesco for £18. This bag is every handy for everyday use when I am not in college. Even though it looks small it's bigger on the inside and can actually fit a lot of stuff in side! The bag comes with a long adjustable strap depending who you like it, it's not real leather, but I wish it was. To close the bag it has a magnet clip that doesnt open easy and the part at the front can be made tighter if needed so that bag isn't as open.

For me the most important essential to have in my bag is my planner and pen, I never know when I might need to remember something for a certain date or note something down fast when I am on the go.  I got this from the pound shop! Its size A5 so it's the perfect size for my bag! It started on the 1st August this year and it lasts till 6th August 2017, which is perfect as it will see me through this year of college, work, Avon and this blog! Also having a pen is the best as well. I have a pen in all my bags so I know I always have one with me! As I bought this from PoundLand in the UK, I have listed alternative options for anyone who like one similar.

My Beauty Essentials:

What's a women's handbag with out the beauty essentials? The main thing I always keep in my bag is my tangle teaser, as I find with having rather thick hair whether my hair is up or down it can tangle so my tangle teaser is my best friend when I am out. I know you can't really see it in the phone but it is pink and black, it is from body care but can be bought anywhere. The next two items are my dove deodorant and my Britney Spears perfume. I love Doves deodorant, as it lasts all day even though I apply it many time through the day! I love my Britney Spears perfume, it has a very sweet scent and it reminds me of spring as the bottle is massive it's the perfect size to fit in my bag. One essential I can't leave the house without are tissues, as you never know when you or who ever your with will need a tissue. I also have to carry a nail file, as my nails are kind of long, they chip and break easily so to be on the safe side, I keep a file in my bag so if my nail breaks I won't scratch anyone. 

These 3 things I can't leave the house without!! First is my chewing gum, the reason being is I never know what i'll have to eat once I've left the house so just incase i have something that doesn't leave a good smell, I always make sure I have gum in my bag. A mirror is something that I keep on me because its handy, as I do wear make up on regular basis its best for me to have a mirror in my bag as i never know when i may need to re-apply bits of make up. And the 3rd essential I have is my portable phone charger! This I ca't live without as for me the battery on my iPhone just doesn't last and this is great size as it fits into the little pockets in my bag!

And the final handbag essential is of course my purse, I didn't really use a purse till about 2 years ago, as i use to just carry everything in my pockets but then once I turned 16, I opened my own bank account, and I got a lot more cards for store and my provisional Licence so a purse was the best thing I ever bought. I love this purse it's from LYDC London.

Featured Products: 

Sadly the bag is no longer available, but I'm sure theres many similar online,



Dove Deodorant:

Tangle Teaser: 

Is no longer available but you can see what purse you like from the collection at (International)

Phone Charger: (UK £14.99, but can be bought anywhere and at different prices)

Nail File:

Mirror, Chewing gum and tissues:
can be bought where ever you go.. :)
I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as loved writing it.
So until next time,,,,,

Chloe xo

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