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High School Survival Guide Part 2!

Why do feelings have to be so complicated?
Even at the age of 17 I still don't understand feelings, but in High School thats were I found them to be the worst as your head is everywhere and then when your feelings jump it, It becomes nothing but a complicated mess. One minute you think everything's great and the next it comes crashing back down at you. considering I'm pretty much almost an adult and yet my feelings confuse me.

Have you ever wonder why you get pains in your chest when you read or hear something that upsets you, well i've recently learnt that it's called a broken heart. But don't panic not all emotions aren't all bad, Trust me!

I have two completely different stories I could tell, and as one happened while I've been writing this post, your gonna see where I've gotten my inspiration.

Story Time:Can you like someone you've only known two days?? This is the question that was driving my brain mad with mixed emotions. It all start…

I'm Heading Back To College!!

So from tomorrow (5th September) I am off back to college to get my level 3 diploma in Performing Arts!! This year I will be studying singing, acting, tap and contemporary dance. 
I am looking forward to doing tap-dance this year at its something i haven't really done before, I can imagine it isn't going to be easy but I'm prepared for a challenge this year. I know from my comments from my tutors last year, where i need to work extra hard this year. My weakest point is my singing but I've been working hard over the summer on my pitching and tuning so that I don't struggle as much this year. 
I remember when I was in school, I loved the holidays and I never wanted to go back to school, but this time I've never wanted to go back to college more than anything, even though I have a job (Yes another one), I got myself a proper job, I'm till doing Avon but I now also work at Sports Direct. 
I've been feeling really happy lately, I think it might be because I hav…