The Truth Behind Time

It really has been a while since I've had the time to sit down and just write on my blog like I use to. Life is just this big crazy rollercoaster of confusion and unexpected situations that you think your ready for but in reality, your never really prepared for anything.

2016 was an incredible year, I realised that some of the people around me were great inspirations to me and others were lessons that i'm glad I've learnt from. Although the end of the year did take a bad turn for me with the loss of my Grandad, as it was a feeling I had never felt before, losing someone who meant so much. But there are great things that have given me the best memorises, as I have started learning to drive, and it's a lot harder than it is in video games. Or the fact that I've managed to hold on to my job, or even that fact that I wake up everyday knowing I'm going to college to see my second family and to train in something I'm so passionate about. 

Last year for me was more about me growing as a person as it was the year I turned 18 so I'm basically an adult now. I had to see things differently, look more maturely into things. Yeah I still have my crazy moments but that's what keeps me grounded so I don't get to ahead or full of myself. I learnt a lot about my feelings and what feelings I have for people. I also learnt who did and didn't have my back. Sometimes it's better to have one real friend that a group of fake people who are only around you to find out about everyone else.  

So far this year I've learnt a lot too. It really is true when they say everyday is a learning day as even though you might feeling like it, your learning every minute and some of the smallest things you learn can have the biggest impact on you.  Time really is limited so you may as well just go for it in all circumstances, tell that cute guy that you like him! What have you got to lose, you can either find out he likes you or it can help you realises he isn't worth your time for not seeing your inner beauty and find someone who does.

 In today society girls are scared to make the first move don't be, be independent and be inpowering so them that your not scared of your own feelings. It doesn't matter weither you get a relationship at the end of it sometimes the friendship is the stronger bond that you need with that person. 

I hope this have encouraged you to take chances in like without worrying about the outcomes and to know that! Remember not everyone likes you but not everyone matters 

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