5 Things That Make Me Happy!

Randomly here's 5 things that make me happy:

1) Making People Smile! I love making people smile, even if you just smile or laugh at something I said or do. That usually makes me very happy as really don't like when people aren't happy. 

2) My Family: just being around my family and seeing us all together, makes me extremely happy and i feel that is because there the reason I'm so positive, there also the reason I'm following me dreams. So just being around them or even just being on the phone with them makes me happy.

                (Me, Mum &Sister)

(Me& My Brother)

3) My Work Place: I genuinely love going to work, as there people i work with and the environment we work in is just a fun. We can have a laugh with each other but be serious at the same time. So going to work makes me happy.

4) Music/Performing!! These two things have always been such a massive part of my life, they are both things that have made me always be happy. Whether it's listening to music or making my own music, whether its watching performances or being in them, it's just a place were i know i can always been myself and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for music and performing! That is something that makes me happy, as I know it's what i'm supposed to do in my life.

5) Traveling: Ive always loved being in different places, I've always loved creating adventures! One day I want to travel the world and see what opportunities it gives me. Seeing how different places are from each other when they could be two countries next to each other, it something that makes me happy!

So here was a quick little list of things that make me happy! 

-Chloe xx

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