Everything Is Changing!

Change is good! This is a great lesson I am glad to have learn't. The friends I made in college, are the people I thought I would have with me for the rest of my life,,,, but sadly this isn't true!

In May I decided it was time I had a change as I knew deep down that I just wasn't happy where I was anymore, so I took upon myself to drop out of college. After being there for a year and a half, I just wasn't my usual happy self, and everyday when I was waking up knowing I had to go to college, I was getting more and more depressed. That wasn't how I wanted to spend the rest of my college life so I left. At first I wasn't sure how this would affect my future, but it's made me more determined to be happy where I am so I am trying harder to get somewhere with my performing arts future!

However I have been judge by many people with my choice of dropping out as some people believe that my education is more important than my happiness. If there are people if your life who are like this, then it should be in your best interest to get your distance from them! Although I'm not saying your education isn't important because it is. But if you are unhappy then change how you live your life, don't let yourself get to the point were you could possibly hate you passion because the things around you make you miserable. Music and performing have always been my passion and they still are, as they are the things that make me very happy in my life. Honestly I couldn't see myself doing anything else!

Some things I have learnt over the years is that, don't let everyone else's perspective for you change who you are! Just be you, and if they don't like it then there not worth your time or effort as their  only there to bring you down! Something  I talk about a bit it the secret of life: people change people! And everyday I'm seeing how more true this is in the world today. It's a shame really people seem to care more about what other people thing about us than what we think of ourselves.

Let me just say we're all perfect just the way we are and you should only change if you really want to but do it for you and not everyone else! You're going to make mistakes. It just says your human. And with every mistake you make, you're growing, learning and becoming a better you. If you didn't ,ale mistakes, say things you didn't mean or do things your aren't proud of..... then you wouldn't be perfect  in your own unique way. Just like you are right now being you!!

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